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Aloha & thanks for stopping by! I have online shops at: http://www.zazzle.com/treasuresfromhawaii* & http://www.treasuresfromhawaii.etsy.com where I sell Fine Art Photos & Beach in a Bottle gifts(vials filled with sand, shells, coral, beach glass and other treasures that I personally collect from Kauai's seashores~~~These make wonderful wedding/party decor/favors and any occasion gifts... Please visit ~~ I love company!


Felicia, of anotherbrightidea, made me look good :D I had to laugh
at my goofiness throughout my interview...Thank you, Felicia, for a fun
and wonderfully inspiring time! xoxo

Check out my interview and leave a comment on Felicia's blog(click on
above link)for a chance to win a FREE give-away, of your choice, from
the following 8x10 photos from my Etsy shop:

Leave me a comment here, on your favorite photo from my Etsy shop - I'd love to hear your thoughts! :D

Mahalo/Thank you again for your kindness, Felicia! God bless evy1....Dava xoxo

another bright idea: I'D RATHER BE IN HAWAII ... WITH MARIONETTE

See the first of this week's interviews in anotherbrightidea's "I'd Rather Be In Hawaii" week! First up - Marionette(click on green link at end of this post to leave your comment on anotherbrightidea's blog for entry into free give-away!)

What are YOUR faves of Marionette's? Leave me a comment...

I've included a few photos from some of Marionette's art classes - she's amazing(and her students aren't bad either...grin)...

Come back tomorrow when "yours truly" is the featured artist - ohhh the butterflies in my stomach are aflutter :D...

another bright idea: I'D RATHER BE IN HAWAII ... WITH MARIONETTE

another bright idea: I'D RATHER BE IN HAWAII!!

This week Felicia, from another bright idea, is taking everyone to Hawaii(via her blog, just hit the green link at the end of this post for light-speed travel to Hawaii)! That's right...pack your bags, dig your way out of the snow and be ready for some wondrous sights :D

Spend a week-long, much-needed break and join us for FREE give-aways, wonderful interviews and beautiful photos/artwork from some of Hawaii's talented artists!(My interview/photos will join in the fun on Wednesday)...See you when you get here...

Enjoy and God bless!! Dava xoxo

another bright idea: I'D RATHER BE IN HAWAII!!