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another bright idea: I'D RATHER BE IN HAWAII ... WITH MARIONETTE

See the first of this week's interviews in anotherbrightidea's "I'd Rather Be In Hawaii" week! First up - Marionette(click on green link at end of this post to leave your comment on anotherbrightidea's blog for entry into free give-away!)

What are YOUR faves of Marionette's? Leave me a comment...

I've included a few photos from some of Marionette's art classes - she's amazing(and her students aren't bad either...grin)...

Come back tomorrow when "yours truly" is the featured artist - ohhh the butterflies in my stomach are aflutter :D...

another bright idea: I'D RATHER BE IN HAWAII ... WITH MARIONETTE


  1. This looks like so much fun! Well, Dava, it's Wednesday and you are up:

    I hope you are pleased with your interview because I had a GREAT time preparing it and looking at all your gorgeous work!

  2. Your interview was awesome, Dava! And the pics of Marionette's class look like so much fun. Wish I could be there!! ALOHA!!

  3. Mahalo to you both!

    Lisa - Can't wait to see your interview l8r in the week...Thx for your support! xoxo

    I'm thrilled with the gr8 job you did, Felicia...I had to laugh at myself throughout the interview - what a goof! :D You are awesome!! Mahalo ;)