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TideOnBronzedShores - the story behind my banners and photo

Thought I'd introduce you to my banner...Well, the photo I used for this blog's banner! :D

Some people wonder what beach this was taken at, what are those big black rocks, how come the sands are a funny color?

I'm here to explain all that and more! Meet "TideOnBronzedShores", taken on what the locals lovingly refer to as "Glass Beach"...

This secluded, small beach is located in Port Allen/Ele Ele, Hawaii, on the West Side of the island of Kauai, Hawaii...It used to be known for it's wealth in bigger pieces of sea glass(there used to be a dump site off the coast in years gone by), however, the land has been raped and, sadly, bigger pieces of this gorgeous sea glass(made from discarded glass thrown or lost into the sea and churned up, sometimes for decades, against corals and amongst sands then finally deposited by the waves onto shores)are no longer found here...You now just find smaller pieces, however, the beach has not lost its allure for the glass crafters and those wishing to see Kauai off the beaten path...

I was lucky enough, when I first moved here a few years back, to have collected a few of those larger pieces - This sea glass is what I use in my Beach/Message-in-a-Bottle vials(you can find them in my etsy shop - just click on the vial photo located on the left side of the front page of this blog)...

The black rocks are lava rock and the sands are, indeed, this inviting bronze color created from a mixture of lava, beach sand, corals and minute pieces of sea glass all mixed together on the shoreline - it is more commonly known as a black sand beach...

So, if you are ever on Kauai, look up "Glass Beach" - you'll then understand my need to capture the tide and share it with you :D God bless! Dava

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  1. OK, this is now on my list of places to see when I'm there!

  2. I LOVE collecting sea glass. It is like finding little hidden "jewels" in the sand!! To me, they are worth every bit as much as fine diamonds!! And the memories I make while strolling the beach are priceless!!

  3. I agree with LisaBongZee, I love looking for sparkling glass and tiny beach treasures. We tried to find this beach each time we're in Kauai, no luck. Maybe next year!

  4. They are some good looking rocks in that picture! Some day I wish to visit Hawaii, untill then I can dream.