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God's Perfection & Beauty

Yesterday, while Josh and I were playing on the beach collecting treasures that the sea washes up on its vast shores, we came across one of those rare finds~~a perfectly formed, wonderfully colored cowrie(Mauritius Island Cowrie)shell! It gleamed in the sun, shiny and brilliant in its design and markings...It was breathtaking!

As I climbed over lava rock and walked across the slippery rock-strewn stones under my feet to get there, I prayed it would be empty...Empty of life that I could snatch it up and take it home to enjoy it there...

As I reached my "prize" and bent down to detect what I already knew in my heart to be, I realized how selfish I had been to pray for its emptiness...Such a beautiful creation was not made for one person, it was formed of love and talent and perfection for the creature living inside...The one clinging, with much life, to the side of a rock ~ gleaming in the sun as the tide washed over it again and again.

I knew then that I was just meant to enjoy it in its surroundings, its God-given home of the sea, and I smiled at the gift that God gave me~~even if I didn't get to take it to my own surroundings, my own home...And I smiled~~again...

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